36000 jars of peanut butter donated for disaster relief after Hurricane Michael

Peanut Proud, Florida Peanut Federation and the peanut industry donates 36,000 jars of peanut butter for disaster relief in the Western Panhandle after Hurricane Michael.

Update: So far, Peanut Proud and the Florida Peanut Federation have dropped off more than 100,000 jars in Florida and Georgia to help families as they recover from Hurricane Michael.

This was the 2nd week/weekend in a row that we’ve been on the ground getting peanut butter and food to those in need.

Being able to distribute peanut butter and something that is so familiar in every household, bringing a smile to folks’ faces when they have a bite of something so familiar, it brings a smile to our face as I hope it does for them.
~Deborah Tannenbaum