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We Are the Florida Peanut Federation

Welcome to our website.

Since the Federation’s launch in 2017, we have rapidly grown to more than 170 dues-paying members.  Our members are mostly non-based peanut growers who want their voices to be heard in the halls of the US Congress to level the playing field for all peanut farmers.

The Federation was founded out of necessity.  As a result of the 2014 Farm Bill, traditional base peanut growers are eligible for a safety net provided by the US Treasury, while non-based peanut farmers are in danger of losing millions of dollars of investments, which jeopardizes thousands of farming jobs and countless small businesses and communities that rely upon the peanut growing industry.

Our goal is to simply level the playing field for base and non-base growers, while ensuring that we continue to grow in a thriving world market.  The Federation will continue to use its resources to assist in marketing, education, and research to promote our industry, while also working with US Congress to pass a 2018 Farm Bill that is equitable to all active peanut producers.

The Florida Peanut Federation is led by our board of directors who are focused on championing the voice of ALL peanut producers.



Dwight Stansel, President

Board Member Representing All Counties in Florida: Member At-Large


Kevin Barrington, Vice President

Board Member Representing Region 5: Lafayette County


Donell Gwinn, Secretary-Treasurer

Board Member Representing Region 7: Suwannee, Madison, Jefferson Counties


Mike Adams 

Board Member Representing Region 1: Hamilton and Columbia Counties


Trevor Bass

Board Member Representing Region 8: Alachua and Marion Counties


Kelly Philman

Board Member Representing Region 3: Gilchrist County


Herman Sanchez, Jr.

Board Member Representing Region 6: Dixie County


Murray Tillis 

Board Member Representing Region 2: Levy County


Clif Townsend

Board Member Representing Region 4: Suwannee, Madison, Jefferson Counties



Deborah Tannenbaum

Executive Director

Cell: 301-404-2555

Email: FloridaPeanutFederation@gmail.com


Address for Florida Peanut Federation:

P.O. Box 1553

Lake City, FL 32056